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Kodak Alaris Micrographics
Kodak MicrographicsKodak will show you a better way to capture documents to film. Electronic Microimaging will maximize your performance and quality, using less time and labor.

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Minolta Micrographics
Minolta MicrographicsFor face-up scanning of bound volumes, protects bindings, eliminates distortion; document scanner offers high-volume scanning of checks and documents.

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Eastman Park Micrographics
Eastman Park MicrographicsEPM is a leading supplier of microfilm media, equipment, products and services worldwide, with ongoing expansion of their portfolio of Reference Archive Solutions for the preservation market.

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Topaz Systems
Eastman Park MicrographicsTopaz Systems provides electronic signature solutions for digital documents, including complete software, tools, intellectual property, robust hardware pads, and lifetime support.

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Eastman Park MicrographicsHoneywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions is a global leader providing custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls, and productivity solutions built around our high performance data collection hardware including rugged mobile computers, voice-enabled software, bar code scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID) and workflow printing solutions.

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