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Kodak i5650V

Kodak i5650V i5650V

Kodak i5650V

Kodak i5650V

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Supplies for the i5650V




26 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1833946
30 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1626803
34 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1498476
Alaris A3 Flatbed Accessory
Cat No: 1894351
Brillianize Detailer Wipes
Cat No: 8266488
Enhanced Printer Black Ink Cartridge
Cat No: 8183386
Enhanced Printer Red Ink Cartridge
Cat No: 1596832
i4000/i5000 Scanner Feeder Kit
Cat No: 8327538
Imaging Guide Set i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8348054
Ink Cartridge Carrier
Cat No: 1133842
Kodak - Scanner background strip kit - white
Cat No: 1612605
Kodak Printer Accessory for i4000
Cat No: 8096943
Cat No: 1199470
Lower White Background i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8088239
Printer Ink Blotters
Cat No: 8405425
Roller Cleaning Pads
Cat No: 8535981
Roller Cleaning Pads
Cat No: 1002716
Staticide Wipes
Cat No: 8965519
Transport Cleaning Sheets
Cat No: 1690783
Ultra Light Feeder Kit, i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8445280
Upper White Background i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8000853
XXL Feeder Kit, i4000/i5000
Cat No: 1462415

Quick Specs

Pages Per MinuteScanning ModePaper SizeFeederInterfaceFlatbedDetectionDaily VolumeVRS
750USB 2.0, USB 3.0-Ultrasonic Double-Feed DetectionUnlimitedVRS

Kodak i5650V Features

Serious scanning power for real-world volumes

At the end of the day, success depends on how much youíve accomplished since the start of your day. For years, award-winning KODAK i5000 Series Scanners have been the choice of the most demanding customers in the toughest scanning environments Ė service bureaus, business process outsourcing organizations, and corporate scanning departments. The newest i5000 models offer efficiency and reliability that can positively impact productivity and enable true, high-volume processing.

Rated speed and real-world throughput can be very different numbers. KODAK i5000 Series Scanners get high marks for delivering on what they promise. Truth in specifications and engineering know-how adds up to high volume throughput. Itís the processing speed, smooth paper flow, and document handling versatility you need.

  • Enjoy the same high throughput at 200 dpi and 300 dpi even with all imaging features turned on
  • Dynamic Flow Technology delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths
  • Controlled stacking technology keeps documents neatly lined up

Advanced efficiency features handle complex tasks and difficult document types easily. Anticipating and avoiding potential problems in advance helps to minimize interruptions and slowdowns.

  • Prevent document damage with Intelligent Document Protection (IDP)
  • Monitor multi-feeds on the PC and quickly choose to ignore, accept or rescan images
  • Save data entry time and enhance accuracy with barcode reading capability
  • Organize large, multi-batch jobs with Intelligent Imprinting and simple patch counting

Exceptionally clear images are essential for accurate data capture. KODAK i5000 Series Scanners reliably deliver sharp results reducing the need for quality assurance checks or rescans.

  • Clear, crisp images greatly enhance optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent document recognition (IDR) and validation rates

Bundled Software

Bundled software: TWAIN, ISIS, and WIA drivers. Kofax VRS Professional software