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Kodak i5850

Kodak i5850 i5850

Kodak i5850

Kodak i5850

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Supplies for the i5850




26 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1833946
30 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1626803
34 inch output extender tray
Cat No: 1498476
Brillianize Detailer Wipes
Cat No: 8266488
Enhanced Printer Accessory
Cat No: 1408756
Enhanced Printer Black Ink Cartridge
Cat No: 8183386
enhanced printer ink cartridge carrier
Cat No: 1763218
Enhanced Printer Red Ink Cartridge
Cat No: 1596832
i4000/i5000 Scanner Feeder Kit
Cat No: 8327538
Imaging Guide Set i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8348054
Ink Cartridge Carrier
Cat No: 1133842
Kodak - Scanner background strip kit - white
Cat No: 1612605
Lower White Background i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8088239
Manual Feed Shelf
Cat No: 1673953
Printer Ink Blotters (Front Side)
Cat No: 1257633
Roller Cleaning Pads
Cat No: 8535981
Roller Cleaning Pads
Cat No: 1002716
Staticide Wipes
Cat No: 8965519
Transport Cleaning Sheets
Cat No: 1690783
Ultra Light Feeder Kit, i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8445280
Upper Image Guide i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8714438
Upper White Background i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8000853
XL Feeder Kit, i4000/i5000
Cat No: 8387938
XXL Feeder Kit, i4000/i5000
Cat No: 1462415

Quick Specs

Pages Per MinuteScanning ModePaper SizeFeederInterfaceFlatbedDetectionDaily VolumeVRS
750USB 2.0 Certified, USB 3.0 compatible-Ultrasonic multi-feedUnlimited-

Kodak i5850 Features

Intelligence and power, on many levels

The KODAK i5000 Series Scanners were created to triumph over the many processing challenges faced by digital mail rooms, multinational financial and insurance services firms, manufacturing organizations, government entities, and others that process huge volumes of documents containing diverse varieties of information.

We've designed the i5850 Scanner with greater capability and versatility to help meet demanding business goals. Image addressing to read patch codes, Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) to safeguard valuable documents, and a rear post-scan printer. A customizable, intelligent, ergonomically correct production scanner, the i5850 features KODAK Dynamic Flow Technology. This advanced digital architecture delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths. Now you can work smarter with breakthrough solutions from Kodak Alaris, the high-volume market leader.

  • Finds the fastest way to scan, perform imaging functions, and extract data
  • Image addressing (IA) detects and reads patch codes on documents before being scanned to expedite batching
  • Saves up to 53% on total cost of ownership over five years*

Smart scenario: new, intelligent features like image addressing and Intelligent Document Protection empower service bureau's operations


  • Service bureau processes hundreds of thousands of highly diverse documents daily for clients in a variety of industries
  • Client requirements vary significantly, and include need for patch code reading, sequential numbering, OCR/IDR, validation and beyond
  • Due to high volume, any disruptions in workflow can negatively impact productivity and threaten tight turnaround times


  • KODAK i5850 Scanner
  • 600 dpi, high-integrity scanning greatly enhances OCR/IDR and validation through higher-density data capture
  • Image addressing permits reading of patch codes so sequential number can be applied to each document scanned and each batch accurately tracked
  • Intelligent Document Protection "hears" issues before they become jams or misfeeds, stopping the feeder to protect document integrity and slash need for rescanning


  • Document prep and handling times reduced greatly as i5850 Scanner handles very mixed/diverse batches flawlessly
  • Programmable function keys eliminate repeated set-ups of complex tasks and make scanning "one-button easy"
  • Document damage from staples, multifeeds, and jams avoided thanks to new IDP feature
  • Image files for each document can be separated into groups by foldering or into one electronic document with ease per client preference thanks to the image addressing feature
  • Rear printer adds versatility to operations and streamlines operations as there is no need to change driver settings when switching between front and rear printer
  • Work stoppages reduced markedly, resulting in greater uptime and higher throughput
  • Optional KODAK Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory automatically separates patch sheets, images checks and correspondence in a single step so you can re-use sheets and gain other productive advantages

* Total cost of ownership (TCO) for i5850 Scanner over five years is $137,145 compared to $209,600 (multiple units of certain products may be required to match productivity of i5850 Scanner) for select competitive, non-Kodak scanners. TCO includes list price, service cost, consumables, and additional image processing costs. Data on file.

Bundled Software

Bundled software: TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers, Kofax certified. Fully supported by Kodak Capture Pro Software and Kodak Asset Management Software