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Kofax Software
Kofax SoftwareKofax has the right document and data capture product for your organization, no matter its size, or the number of paper and electronic documents you process each day. Our solutions deliver not only critical data needed to run your business, but also a significant impact to your bottom line, with many customers realizing a complete return on their investment within months of deployment.

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OpenText Software
OpenText SoftwareOpenText provides proven solutions to organizations that need to automate, measure, and improve resource-intensive business processes. Based on your needs, you can leverage our end-to-end business process and analysis management suite, or focus on very specific business requirements, including document management, outsourced back office mailroom services, and imaging functionality.

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Kodak Alaris Software
Kodak SoftwareKODAK Info Input enables faster capture and access to information – at the office or remotely. Info Input Solution is a web-based and mobile capture application that is easy for workers across departments and enterprises to implement and use. Info Input offers high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection. The customizable interface keeps things simple, focused, and extremely easy for knowledge workers to use. Documents are automatically routed to the right place to reduce mistakes.

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ImageTrust Software
ImageTrust SoftwareImageTrust is a true web-based scanning software solution that can expand your Enterprise Capture Management systems (i.e. Kofax, Captiva,...) or work as an independent system. ImageTrust is unique that it can work as a traditional batch scanning solution or enable any line of business application (i.e. Workflow, ERP,...) for transactional scanning. With ImageTrust you have the ability to scan documents anywhere on the globe and send those images over the Internet to a central site. You can scan at one location and index at another site or you can scan and index remotely and then deliver the captured information to the central site.

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IBM Software
IBM SoftwareIBM® software for enterprise content management integrates and delivers critical business information that offers new business value, on demand. Enterprise content management software and solutions support multiple information types - such as images, documents, e-mail, and e-records - and provide the appropriate content, based on user intent and relevancy. The IBM® Content Management, FileNet® Content Manager(ECM), and Discovery portfolio are designed to help transform business with improved productivity and streamlined compliance.

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ABBYY Software
ABBYY SoftwareABBYY develops linguistic and artificial intelligence (AI) software providing a full line of document recognition, document conversion and data capture technologies and products. The overall number of users of ABBYY products and technologies exceeds 20 million people all over the world (according to internal research). Most ABBYY products have been developed in ABBYY Headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

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Box SoftwareBox® is an enterprise content management platform built to organize content, collaborate and manage document lifecycles - while delivering a great user experience. And Box is quickly becoming the platform of choice for enterprises building content-centric applications, with Box providing the underlying storage, security, compliance and metadata services.

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