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Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition

Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition DotImage Enterprise Edition

Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating powerful web-based applications with image viewing/scanning capability.

Responding to the increasing demand for faster, more efficient and better execution of business processes, Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition extends the power of capturing documents at the source, across the Internet.

Capture at the Point of Origination
By enabling companies to capture information at this Point of Origination, Kofax minimizes the latency caused by the time necessary to receive process related documents. This helps organizations to be more responsive to customer needs, deliver a high level of business performance and minimize operational costs.

For example, a mortgage lender can now enable prospective borrowers to not only apply online but also provide the capability to capture critical supporting documentation directly via the web application. Using a scanner or multifunction printer, applicants can scan and electronically provide proof of identity, income and other supporting information to the lender for processing directly through the lender’s web portal. This eliminates the step of mailing or faxing paper and accelerates the mortgage application process, better serves customer needs and allows lenders to be more responsive to applicants and gain competitive advantage.

The Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition toolkit application even enables the borrower to review the scanned documents, reorder or rotate pages and make annotations or redact information prior to submitting documentation. These capabilities can also be used to address trailing documents, such as requests from the lender to provide supplementary documents.

Wide Range of Applications
Not just limited to financial services, the benefits of Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition technology extend to any processes where the originators of documents are geographically dispersed such as:
  • Government (benefit eligibility, permit applications, property tax assessments, etc..)
  • Insurance (policy application and renewal, policy claims, etc..)
  • Applications for employment, background screenings, identity/residence verification
  • Financial Services (loan applications, new account openings, etc..), and many more…

Enterprise Integration
Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition fully integrates with Kofax's enterprise ready capture enabled business process management platform. Companies are able to leverage this highly scalable, enterprise ready platform to send accurate, actionable information into their business processes directly from documents received from their customer through their Kofax DotImage Enterprise Edition-enabled web portal.

Software Developers Kit
For those developers who have a need to develop standalone imaging applications that do not leverage the Kofax Capture platform, we offer a Software Developers Kit. Click here for information.