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Kofax VRS

Kofax VRS PDFView Software Brochure

Perfect Images

Scanning is only half the battle. The most important part about capturing images is your ability to find, retrieve, and use them later. The superior quality of Kofax VRS-created images means documents are easier to index and easier to read.

Reduced Document Preparation with Content-based Rotation

No need to turn all your documents to the same orientation before scanning. Kofax VRS will automatically analyze the content of each scanned document and correct the orientation of the image on the fly. Even when scanning in duplex mode! Feed a document in all possible orientations, whether its upside down or reversed, skewed or rotated 90 degrees right or left, Kofax VRS turns it right.

Easy to Use

Scanning is simple and easy with Kofax VRS. No special knowledge of scanning, special filters, or image enhancement is required. Operators just press the scan button and Kofax VRS does the rest.

Capture Color On Demand

Scan mixed batches of black & white and color documents. Kofax VRS automatically detects the documents that should be black & white from those that should stay in color. Easily capture spot color as well.

Network-friendly Images

Noisy backgrounds and shaded areas are suppressed, resulting in ultra-compact image files ideal for display and rapid retrieval over your network.

Intelligent Blank Page detection

Kofax VRS is able to determine if the back side of a page contains real information, or if it is simply bleed through from the front of the page. If Kofax VRS determines that the back side is bleed through, then it deletes the image. If Kofax VRS detects real content, the image is saved.

Advanced clarity

Even the toughest documents blueprints, wrinkled paper, security paper are no match for Kofax VRS 4.5 Professional. The new Advanced Clarity feature in Kofax VRS 4.5 Professional offers an additional image quality option to process documents with complicated, textured backgrounds.