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OpenText Imaging for Windows

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OpenText Imaging for Windows Imaging for Windows

OpenText Imaging for Windows® transforms paper documents into electronic documents that you can view, edit, OCR, distribute via e-mail, post to and download from the Internet. Imaging for Windows provides industry-standard imaging included with Microsoft® Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

For Windows XP users seeking the familiar Imaging for Windows capabilities and for developers who have used the OCX controls to integrate imaging functionality within applications, OpenText Imaging for Windows is for you.

OpenText Imaging for Windows makes it easy for you to find, print, photocopy and distribute paper-based documents. Desktop scanning replaces manual data entry; annotation does away with paper memos and stick-on notes and replaces endless photocopying and distribution.

OpenText Imaging for Windows includes Flow, a feature that automates the entire process of scanning, enhancing, converting, routing, indexing and storing documents, faxes and network images with a single mouse click.