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Keyflow software is a comprehensive business tool that streamlines and automates an organization's mission-critical business processes, regardless of complexity. It can be deployed in a single department, across an enterprise, or in business-to-business environments to speed decisions, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency without compromising flexibility.

Business Uses
Many healthcare providers today have multiple offices with significant investments in infrastructure and applications. By implementing Keyflow in a well-established environment, such as Microsoft Exchange and/or a Microsoft SQL infrastructure, healthcare providers can route and track information associated with a patient quickly and easily.

Business-to-business transactions can achieve maximum efficiencies when Keyflow brings separate companies together with integrated forms and communications. When a manufacturer needs raw materials to produce goods, a pre-defined workflow can generate an order, assign a requisition number, check supplier inventories, and alert the receiving department - all without lifting a phone or visiting the mailroom.

Eliminate Failure
Employee turnover, vacations, mail that arrives late, and tasks that are completed late or not at all, stand in the way of carrying out many office functions. Automated workflows bring speed, accuracy, and consistency to processes that traditionally have multiple points of failure. Keyflow can successfully replace error prone processes with a smooth operating workflow that saves time and money.