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KoVIS is the document management solution for any size organization - from a single PC to an entire enterprise, and was developed from worldwide market research and feedback from hundreds of customers.

Empower your Desktop
KoVIS has an easy-to-use interface that provides quick access to documents regardless of their media of storage. The KoVIS user has the capability to organize retrieved documents and distribute them as print, fax, e-mail, routed internal folder or delivered external folder (see description of "folder" in Folder Management below).

KoVIS has a batch scanning sub-system for high-volume scanning and an on-line scanning capability for low-volume or distributed scanning. KoVIS is also compatible with most 3rd party capture systems you may already be using. The data entry interface is designed for a production workload and has the ability to receive OCR, ICR, or barcode indexing information. These interfaces combined with the KoVIS database interface tool for merging existing customer data, can minimize or eliminate manual document indexing.

Leverage your existing technology. and knowledge
Your existing LAN/WAN environment will satisfy most of the KoVIS hardware and software requirements. The client/server architecture of KoVIS utilizes the power of today's Microsoft Server technology while providing an easy installation for workstations using Microsoft Windows clients. The open design allows support for most popular database packages including native connection to Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE along with an ODBC interface.

If you use Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, KoVIS comes pre-integrated for these e-mail packages for document distribution. Written with Microsoft standards in mind, users familiar with today's Windows environment will quickly master the capabilities of KoVIS. Administrators will find the management tools intuitive.