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mPower is a work management framework that ensures core business processes are aligned with enterprise objectives by seamlessly linking people, systems and content. emPower delivers maximum utility and ROI by enabling organizations to protect investments in legacy systems through integration, increase productivity with intelligent process infrastructures, and connect the right people and systems to the right content, at the right time.

Suite Components

Enables organizations to develop, manage, and monitor all of their workflows, as well as integrate their line of business applications within a single environment. By combining a user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow design tool with a robust API toolkit. The workflow component is a tool that both business users and IT professionals can use to automate business processes and track work as it moves through the organization - ensuring that the right work gets to the right person at the right time.

Helps businesses take control of content through the capture, approval, indexing, publishing, storage, and search of multiple content formats, including: Microsoft® Office documents, HTML/XML, Forms, Audio/Video files, Correspondence, Email, Graphics/Images, Greenbar reports/COLD, CAD files, and PDF files.

The forms component is the most efficient solution for paperless information capture and processing by providing organizations with the ability to design, deploy, and process electronic forms.

Content Capture:
Capture components fit in between the information source and the business application enabling work management solutions to work faster and at lower cost by efficiently capturing business content and improving the quality of the captured information.

Provides organizations with a tool for applying formal records management policies and practices to electronic and non-electronic documents critical to business processes.

Provides organizations with a tool for archiving and retrieving high-volume, computer-generated reports and making them available for use in business processes.