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Keyfile is a comprehensive software solution for document management that offers document tracking, management, organization, version control, and more. Keyfile is comprised of a 3-tier architecture. The Keyfile client, known as the Workspace, provides a user friendly look and feel of a Windows desktop or of a Web browser depending on the users preference. The Keyfile Internet Information Server Extension (KFIIS) for the Windows Internet Information Server allows access to Keyfile Documents over the Internet via HTTP. The Keyfile Document Server (KDS), an object database, quickly serves and stores critical documents and reliably implements your business process.

Businesses that respond to complex proposal requests or have significant engineering development efforts can use Keyfile as an integral part of the document revision process. Keyfile can manage the revision history of proposals, track technical revisions to drawings and specification, and manage configuration control, facilitating ISO 9000 compliance for example.

Government organizations can use Keyfile to manage their civil or municipal documents; they can even manage amendments in federal legislation. The system can manage all correspondence regarding the legislation and verify who amended what, and when.

Financial services organizations such as banks and insurance companies can use Keyfile to maintain customer records in an easily retrievable system, even when the documentation exists in different formats.

In the case of auto insurance companies, the documentation concerning an accident is stored in the customer's file. Keyfile allows insurance companies to store scanned photos of damaged autos, insurance forms, and faxed reports of the accident and insurance estimates in an easy-to-manage, easy-to-retrieve, on-line filing system.