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Image Access ImageTrust ImageTrust
ImageTrust is an affordable, concurrent user solution. There’s no monthly or annual cap to how much information you can capture.

Remote scanning with ImageTrust is easy to use and lets you deploy distributed document scanning and indexing at remote locations using the Internet. Remote document capture eliminates the need to ship paper documents to a central site for scanning and processing. With ImageTrust you’ll experience many benefits from implementing a distributed capture system.
  • Eliminate shipping costs
  • Prevent document loss
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain and retain customers with faster turnaround

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Image Access ImageTrust Desktop ImageTrust Desktop
ImageTrustDesktop is a single workstation capture solution installed locally on a user’s Desktop workstation, perfect for businesses of any size or departments looking to get information into business applications, organize and collaborate, and reduce the time associated with looking for documents.

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Image Access ImageTrust For Box ImageTrust For Box
Box – is an enterprise content management platform to organize content, collaborate and manage document lifecycles - while delivering a great user experience. And Box is quickly becoming the platform of choice for enterprises building content-centric applications, with Box providing the underlying storage, security, compliance and metadata services.

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