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Kodak Capture Desktop Software Capture Desktop Software
Driving New Levels of Productivity

KODAK Capture Desktop Software is an intuitive and easy-to-use capture software application, specifically designed to make processing and sharing scanned documents simple. With KODAK Capture Desktop you’ll receive “out of the box” production and have the immediate ability to capture, edit and output anything from single documents to larger batches in distributed or departmental environments.

KODAK Capture Desktop Software is exclusivel...

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Kodak Capture Pro Software Capture Pro Software
The application that gives you more scanning productivity, value, and ease of use

KODAK Capture Pro Software is the one application you need to make, manage, and move images and information. Get powerful, flexible batch capture and productivity on Kodak and other popular scanners in any scenario—from desktop to high-volume production. Realize greater value with no per click or volume charges. Start scanning right away with preconfigured setups and a single, user-friendly interfa...

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Kodak CAR Interface Software CAR Interface Software
Direct Searches can be initiated from a retrieval workstation for consolidated entry, retrieval, and fulfillment by an operator using a single

Individual and batch downloads of image addresses with CAR commands can be sent to the microimage scanner from the CAR system to minimize errors due to miskeyed data; the operator simply follows "load roll ##" prompts as the workstation performs automatic frame searches.

Printing to local printer, network printer, or file acc...

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Kodak i7300 Scanner Application Software i7300 Scanner Application Software
A postive change in on-screen viewing: Traditional microfilm readers displayed small negative-appearing images. KODAK i7300 Scanner Application Software displays high-quality postiive-appearing images (bitonal to full grayscale). That makes viewing more comfortable and productive.

Real time image control: Operators can adjust image contrast and brightness during scanning, saving time and avoiding costly re-scans.

Review images easily: For reviewing documents, indexi...

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Kodak i9600 Application Software Kit i9600 Application Software Kit
Streamline your Reference Archive workflow
The KODAK i9600 Series Application Software Kit makes the process of writing scanned or stored documents to Reference Archive Media more efficient and easier to manage.

The tools included in the i9600 Application Software Kit allow you to quickly and easily build your Reference Archive. The kit consists of Electronic Microimager Software, i9600 Application Software, and a Software Value Pack.

Secure incoming informatio...

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Kodak Image Server Software Image Server Software
Expand your output options to the network and beyond: Accelerate your productivity even more by creating your own retrieval network. KODAK Image Server Software works with our Application Software to integrate IMAGELINK Digital Workstations, Intelligent Microimage Scanners, and i7300 Scanners. With it, they feed into one central server for a full range of routing options and output.

The Software also:
- Accepts CAR commands. The application automatically accepts and stor...

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Kodak Info Input Solution Info Input Solution
KODAK Info Input solution - the power of web-based capture

Web-based capture offers several benefits and solves several issues regarding both a centralised and distributed scanning and capturing model.

With business applications having moved to the Web, document capturing is catching up with web-based capture.

Kodak Info Input Solution is the browser-based platform that makes it all possible.

Recognized by Kollabria as a leader in the web-based ...

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Kodak POWERFILM Application Software POWERFILM Application Software
POWERFILM Application Software combines a user-friendly interface with a wide range of output, indexing, retrieval and distribution tools. It’s specially designed for batch scanning and digitization of all film formats. What’s more, it’s also designed for document reconstruction, roll conversion, and CD creation using the included CD Publish/CD Retrieve application.

Here are just some of the ways it can make you more productive.

Create CDs
Build a database of ...

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