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OpenText Advanced Recognition (Dispatcher) Advanced Recognition (Dispatcher)
OpenText Captiva Advanced Recognition automatically recognizes large amounts of paper documents, captures the data, and delivers the information to the right systems, processes, and people. It enables businesses to identify all kinds of documents using intelligent recognition technologies, and automatically capture machine- and hand- printed data using optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and barcode recognition.

Captiva Advanced Recognitio...

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OpenText ApplicationXtender ApplicationXtender
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of business content. ApplicationXtender is easy to implement, integrate, and manage, providing instant, role-based access to content from either a desktop interface or web browser.

As a result, you gain better decision-making, improved services levels, and increased productivity. Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender integrates ...

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OpenText ApplicationXtender Image Capture ApplicationXtender Image Capture
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Image Capture enables fast, efficient scanning, including both high-speed batch scans and configurable queue processing. Feature-rich yet easy to use, ApplicationXtender Image Capture makes possible large-volume image acquisition and indexing. Seamlessly integrated with OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender, it’s a key component of a complete, high-volume document capture solution.

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OpenText ApplicationXtender Integration Module ApplicationXtender Integration Module
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Integration Module allows you to integrate any business application with OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender—without programming. ApplicationXtender Integration Module’s revolutionary image-enabling technology helps you maximize investments in your existing line-of-business (LOB) applications.

With ApplicationXtender Integration Module, employees can access information quickly and easily, empowering their decisions and customer service...

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OpenText ApplicationXtender Media Distribution ApplicationXtender Media Distribution
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Media Distribution enables you to distribute ApplicationXtender content via CD to third parties, whether or not they use ApplicationXtender. ApplicationXtender Media Distribution can also be used for internal distribution when web access is not possible—or simply to take a snapshot of content at a given moment for archival purposes.

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OpenText ApplicationXtender Reports Management ApplicationXtender Reports Management
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. Able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional COLD text formats, ApplicationXtender Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film, and microfiche.

ApplicationXtender Reports Management maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replicat...

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OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow ApplicationXtender Workflow
OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow provides automated workflow management for information and documents residing in OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender. With ApplicationXtender Workflow, users can collaborate on work with easy access to workflows (via desktop of web clients) as well as to visual process maps that define how work gets done.

In addition, OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow for Accounts Payable is a pre-packaged solution that provides ...

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OpenText Captiva Capture (InputAccel) Captiva Capture (InputAccel)
OpenText Captiva Capture enables organizations to capture documents and data from paper, electronic files, and other sources, transforming it into digital content and delivering it into content management systems and business processes. By helping businesses reduce manual paper handling steps, Captiva Capture minimizes processing errors, improves data accuracy, and accelerates business processes by making information instantly available in content repositories like EM Documentum, OpenTex...

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OpenText Captiva Mobile Capture Captiva Mobile Capture
The phenomenal growth of smart mobile devices is fueling the need for businesses to extend their market reach by providing new and innovative services to their customers with mobile-enabled applications and solutions. The new wave of mobile-enabled solutions is paving the way for businesses to consider new alternatives and ways of capturing information and processing of documents.

OpenText Captiva Mobile Capture turns a mobile gadget into a sophisticated and efficient portable sca...

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OpenText Captiva Web Client Captiva Web Client
OpenText Captiva Web Client supports a new distributed capture client solution that works with OpenText Captiva Capture, enabling web-based remote document and data capture that can seamlessly be integrated into enterprise content management systems, business applications, and back office processes. The OpenText Captiva Web Client incorporates the latest capture technologies and REST services available in the market today. It does not require any additional software plug-in downloads to ...

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OpenText Cloud Toolkit Cloud Toolkit
OpenText Captiva Cloud Toolkit is a software developer kit (SDK) comprised of modules that help web application developers to quickly add scanning and imaging functionality directly to their web-based business applications. Captiva Cloud Toolkit is ideal for document capture vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises that want to create custom web-based applications that are fully scan-enabled complimenting their business solution offerings.

Using the Captiva Cloud T...

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OpenText emPower emPower
mPower is a work management framework that ensures core business processes are aligned with enterprise objectives by seamlessly linking people, systems and content. emPower delivers maximum utility and ROI by enabling organizations to protect investments in legacy systems through integration, increase productivity with intelligent process infrastructures, and connect the right people and systems to the right content, at the right time.

Suite Components


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OpenText Imaging for Windows Imaging for Windows
OpenText Imaging for Windows® transforms paper documents into electronic documents that you can view, edit, OCR, distribute via e-mail, post to and download from the Internet. Imaging for Windows provides industry-standard imaging included with Microsoft® Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

For Windows XP users seeking the familiar Imaging for Windows capabilities and for developers who have used the OCX controls to integrate imaging functionality within applicati...

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OpenText Input Management Console Input Management Console
The Input Management Console content management software provides browser-based analysis, reporting and trend results to actively monitor the overall performance of not only Captiva products such as InputAccel, InputAccel for Invoices, eInput and the Digital Mailroom, but also for enterprise content management solutions such as OpenText Documentum and IBM Content Manager.

Captiva’s IMC software provides crucial diagnostic information to identify and resolve problems quickly. ...

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OpenText Invoice Capture Invoice Capture
OpenText Captiva Invoice Capture transforms paper invoices into digital images, automatically capturing, validating, and delivering the invoice data into workflow process, content management, and ERP systems.

By automating the capture and validation of invoices, organizations reduce processing times, streamline the approval process, and shorten invoice-retrieval times to seconds. Businesses gain better visibility into the overall accounts payable process, and can take advantage of...

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OpenText Captiva ISIS Driver (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) is the industry standard enterprise-level scanner driver interface that unites scanners with software applications. More than 300 different scanners currently communicate to applications through the ISIS driver interface. ISIS allows scanners to run at their rated speeds or higher and is the only imaging solution that allows users to take full advantage of the power inherent in their scanners and other imaging machi...

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Opentext Keyfile Keyfile
Keyfile is a comprehensive software solution for document management that offers document tracking, management, organization, version control, and more. Keyfile is comprised of a 3-tier architecture. The Keyfile client, known as the Workspace, provides a user friendly look and feel of a Windows desktop or of a Web browser depending on the users preference. The Keyfile Internet Information Server Extension (KFIIS) for the Windows Internet Information Server allows access to Keyfile ...

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OpenText Keyflow Keyflow
Keyflow software is a comprehensive business tool that streamlines and automates an organization's mission-critical business processes, regardless of complexity. It can be deployed in a single department, across an enterprise, or in business-to-business environments to speed decisions, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency without compromising flexibility.

Business Uses
Many healthcare providers today have multiple offices with significant investments in infrastr...

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OpenText KoVis KoVis
KoVIS is the document management solution for any size organization - from a single PC to an entire enterprise, and was developed from worldwide market research and feedback from hundreds of customers.

Empower your Desktop
KoVIS has an easy-to-use interface that provides quick access to documents regardless of their media of storage. The KoVIS user has the capability to organize retrieved documents and distribute them as print, fax, e-mail, routed internal folder or deliv...

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OpenText PixTools PixTools
OpenText Captiva® PixTools® suite of Software Developer Kits (SDKs) allows developers to create custom document capture applications or integrate document imaging capabilities into existing applications easily. PixTools is built within the ISIS architecture which provides unparalleled application-to-scanner compatibility. These scanning and image processing SDKs enable applications to communicate with more than 300 scanners without the need for any additional document imaging software or...

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OpenText QuickScan Pro QuickScan Pro
QuickScan Pro is OpenText Captiva’s out-of-the-box document scanner software and imaging solution that provides all the necessary capabilities for high-speed scanning, image enhancement, OCR, viewing, annotation, printing, and storing images for both black-and-white and color pages. QuickScan Pro supports barcode and patchcode recognition for automatic document separation as well as advanced document scanner features such as MultiStream and Auto color detection.

QuickScan Pro...

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OpenText Records Manager for ApplicationXtender Records Manager for ApplicationXtender
OpenText Documentum Records Manager for ApplicationXtender enables you to declare, safeguard, and access records. Records Manager for ApplicationXtender also cost-effectively archives or destroys records according to system-enforced administrative, regulatory, or legal rules.

With Records Manager for ApplicationXtender, your organization can demonstrate compliance with regulations, defend internal policies and actions, and avoid legal, monetary, and procedural penalties. At th...

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