Professional Services

Our 30 years' experience in the document management/Imaging business has given Image Access Corp unequalled insight into a broad range of industries. Our consultants have designed and implemented systems for Fortune 500 companies in the financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government and legal sectors as well as many others. Our Professional Services Group has been structured to provide rapid analysis and implementation of fully integrated or standalone content management systems to solve your business problems

Some of the areas of expertise that our group possesses are:

  • Front end capture/Indexing custom development
  • Web based custom development
  • Client Server custom development
  • Workflow and Content Management
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Database/Reports Consulting and Design

Our staff is well versed in taking complex business problems and breaking them down into manageable pieces. Our implementation methodology is simple:

  1. Understand the problem.
  2. Design a solution.
  3. SIMPLIFY the solution.
  4. Implement the solution.
  5. Finalize support.
  6. Move on to the next problem.

East Coast

22 Paris Ave Suite 210 Rockleigh, NJ, 07647 Phone: (201) 342-7878 Orders: (800) 930-3456 Fax: (201) 487-3456

West Coast

103 Shoreline Parkway San Rafael, CA 94901 Phone: (201) 342-7878 Orders: (800) 930-3456 Fax: (201) 487-3456

Pacific Northwest

12416 NW 36TH AVE,STE 1A Vancouver, WA 98685 Phone: (360) 573-1338 Orders: (800) 528-4773 Fax: (360) 326-1546